Fame Does Not Equal Success

This blog is inspired by a little incident that happened today with my idol Skye Sweetnam. Skye was asked to do an interview with someone about her and they asked if her career was going backward because she hasn’t been as popular lately. That question is very rude and offensive. I used to interview famous people and the first thing I was taught was to always be unbiased and polite. Skye is my idol because she has passion for what she does. She actually cares about her fans, unlike 90% of these so called celebrities you see on tv.

Skye is happy doing what she does and it’s not all about money or fame for her. It’s the same reason I work non-stop on my website. I may not be famous or make tons of money but I love inspiring people and making a difference. If someone were to ask me why I waste my time doing this, it would be an insult to me, my fans, and everything I stand for. Any journalist or interview should KNOW not to ask a question like that. When you insult my friends, I will voice my opinion. Skye is my idol, friend, and a GREAT role model for this generation.

Fame does not equal success! I am successful, not because of my popularity but because I started from scratch, just as Skye did and I built my own fanbase because I worked my ass off! Just as Skye did and still does! Don’t tell us we’re going backward in life because I promise you it’s the other way around. Those who cast judgement on others are the ones who are living their lives backward, with no sign of happiness and peace in their life.

Please, share your thoughts about this blog!

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