Fancy You

Dressing up like a Hollywood Rockstar
Thinking you’re the biggest thing since The Beatles
But you can’t face the music of how lost you are
I was kicking it up in the real world
Without a worry cause I have everything that I want
So go embrace your identity crisis because I can’t buy this
Talk to the walls, I won’t listen to you
When I’ve had enough you’ll know it
I’ll be screaming in your ears

Fancy you
Hiding behind your sunglasses
Maybe you will change somewhere down the line
I’m breaking up with you
Until you see yourself for who you really are
You change your mind like you change your clothes
I don’t know which side is even you

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Balls For Everyone!

I know, this sounds dirty! And it is! Kinda…I’m just in a crazy mood today. I wanted to share my enthusiasm with all of you. I was gonna send my nude photos but I think I’ll just wait to get hacked. Have you guys heard about Justin Bieber getting injured? Can we say “karma”? Right now I’m just sitting on my couch thinking about what it would be like to have a monkey’s body and a giraffe’s head. Don’t you judge me.

I want to give you guys a little challenge today. Tweet me a picture with you and your pet. @TheCarlosShow or you can send me a picture on here if you know how. I may post the best one to my website and give you a shoutout

Out Of The Blue

Well well well…it’s been a LOOOOOOOONG time since I’ve written an actual blog and not just a poem. I wanted to do something different for awhile but I’m still the same guy that has been here for 2 years. What have I been up to? Working on my podcast show, doing gigs for my shop, making more time for friends.

The reason I don’t post as much anymore is because I am super busy all the time. I barely get to sleep and that’s okay because I just poor cold water on myself in the morning to wake me up. Enough about me, how the heck have YOU guys been!? I’m sure you noticed that I’ve been trying to reply to all your tweets. I’m shaking and rolling and rattling. No matter how busy I get I always make time to chat it up, even if it’s not on here everyday…I’m still on twitter @thecarlosshow and on every Thursday at 7pm! And Here is something I’ve NEVER given away on my website! My personal Facebook at

I hope I’ve still been inspiring you guys with my poems. I will try my very best to write actual blogs again because I miss it. I’ve learned some things about myself that makes me stronger and I’m doing my best to continue living the dream. I want you guys to keep your heads up and push past the dark days and into the sun! I’ll see you guys real soon!

In The Void

As we join a side
Left to wonder if we’re ever gonna make it
The battle starts tonight
I find myself pondering all alone
Hard stones
Falling in the earthquakes
Dancing in the sand
As we sink all the way down to the bottom
Glowing flies flickering in the dark
Find someone who can bring us hope again

I’m left in the void
Danger cause we’re coming after you
I will climb again
When I find the way out of here
I’ll be sorry
I’ll be happy
Just remember what it is were fighting for
In the void

Cast the shadows all around us
All these demons trying to get inside my mind
But my heart won’t let it happen again
Not this time cause I’ll be ready again
Fool me once and that’s not enough
Fool me twice and I’ll be coming after you
The road is dark
Their ways are hollow

Don’t Shoot The Messenger

Living inside of the world that’s in our head
What will you create when you leave us all for dead?
Living dead girl
When she bites I lose all my self control
Poison in my drink
every single time I blink
Can’t look away but I don’t really wanna stay
Crawling on the walls
The freak show’s about to start
Waiting for the moment when she stabs me in the heart

Please don’t Shoot the messenger
All I ever wanted was you, you
Please don’t kill the messenger
One more day with you is all I ever need now!

Green hair, blue hair, horrorific tattoos
the way she speaks is Bone chilling, taboo
Her glare is paralyzing and she strikes at the first bite
No joking around
she’s the hottest thing in town
I can’t keep you tame
I’m not the one to blame
She sings like the devil
She’s riding solo
I can’t seem to do this on my own

Next To You

Crazy psychos
Burning papers
Back in the day when I believed every word you said
Pretty little liars are the first to go
Safe here in my dome
Are you ready for the truth to set you free?
The serpents are swimming for you
Thousands of years have gone by and we learn nothing
You see what you want
I’ll take what I can get
They are next to you and it scares you
Enter where you feel welcome
But don’t judge what you don’t understand

One Of These Days

Well I know that I left you lying on the floor
It’s hard for me to explain that I’ll be back again someday
And I hold you deep down inside my heart
You’re locked away in the back of my mind
Creeping in underneath my skin

One of these days I’ll be coming back for you
Don’t wait for me much longer
Even though it feels like I’ve been abandoning you
I promise
Oh, I promise I’ve been watching over you

Friends always come and go
Losing your mind waiting for a sign
I’m trying my best
Running out of time
Screaming so loud
Hoping that you can hear
I want to be your everything
One of these days I’ll be back for you