Lost And Found

There are many moments in my life that weren’t always easy. Between my friends leaving me and not knowing where I was going in life. I lost my head and started to isolate myself from the world around me. I went on a long journey to find my head and put myself together again.

There comes a time in everyones lives where they have to really think about what is most important to them and they have to do everything they can to reach for that goal. That’s how I found my head. I have given everything to the world and it has given back to me in return. I can’t complain about how things have turned out. There’s one thing that has connected me to the universe. The Carlos Show. It has allowed to me find my head again and remember who I wanted to be. I had a choice of giving up and letting everyone tell me how they were right about me. I chose to not let them have that satisfaction and I became something even more than I hoped.

Thank you all for the memories and always remember where you came from.

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Bigger Than Me

Not even a year ago, I had a vision of starting up my own shop where I can write blogs for other people. I knew I’d make a few bucks but I had no idea how big it would become. Thanks to all of you who have been buying my services I will be able to start travelling a bit more than usual and meet some of you guys! Even though I will be travelling, it will all be for my website. Last year The Carlos Show went on tour but I decided to make it private. A lot of people were angry so I will make it public whenever I do have a chance to go on tour!

Comment on this blog or email me at betterthanyouforever@hotmail com if you want me to visit your city and maybe we can hang out if I decide to tour there. Right now I’m thinking of starting in Toronto, Ontario to go see Icon For Hire in October. I want to hang out with Ariel! You guys know how much I adore. She is one of the people who has inspired me to think about life differently. I might change my mind though and go somewhere else! Let me know if you want me to visit you in your city!

5 Excuses To Leave Work

I know work can get pretty boring so I’m here to help! Here are some foolproof excuses you can use to get your boss to send you home!

1. You have herpes. Nothing makes people want to keep you away like an old case of the herpules. I just came up with that name now. Pretty clever? Right!? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s….HERPULES!

2. Your evil twin has vowed to destroy the world and you must protect it by defeating him in a fooseball match. Everyone hates a jerk. Your boss will understand you wanting to kick your twin’s ass!

3. You want to play video games. Everyone loves video games. Your boss will tell you to chill out brah and go home, get drunk, and play some GTA. He might even lend you some of his games to play.

4. You want to have sex with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Your boss will appreciate that you want to work hard on your personal relationships. He might even give you some tips on safe sex. This is a pleasant excuse to go home and nobody will feel awkward at all.

5. You want to make a youtube video. Everybody loves a good youtube video and your boss will treat you like a celebrity when he finds out you have your own youtube show

Punk Kids

It seems like lately there are a lot of punk kids who have no respect for anybody. Let me explain something to you kids…I made the “in your face” lifestyle famous. Not only are you second rate to me but you need to learn some boundaries. At least when i did it I stood for something. I didn’t do it because I wanted to be the cool kid at school. I did because I wanted to be something and nobody wanted to give me a chance so I made them give me a chance. I didn’t care about being popular, I cared about me. I didn’t need to threaten or bully people unless they intentionally started something. I never had a problem finishing what others started. I didn’t go around looking for enemies.

You kids have your whole lives ahead of you. You may not care about the present but that stupid behaviour is going to ruin you in the future. I see a lot of smart, good looking kids who could actually do something great just going around bullying everyone for no reason. Where will that get you in ten years? I don’t remember anyone winning awards for bullying. My name is Carlos Levett and unlike you punk kid wannabes….I AM an original. I AM the lovable jerk. Like me or hate me….I speak the truth. I tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. I am my own man…I’ve never needed a posse to back me up.


Tears In The Meadow

It’s been a long journey to make it back home
A kiss on the cheek is made to feel like no big deal
What was once a cruel mind is now an instrument
The demons can haunt but I am now in charge
Tears in the meadow remind me of everything
I see the world through my own eyes
Not yours
Not his
Not hers
I am a predator and a protector
Thank you for reminding me of what i need to protect

Mail Everywhere!

I’m sitting here, slightly frustrated because I am now in the process of having to call every company who has my old address on file and change it. I need my health card changed, my Ontario photo card, my work benefits, and my yearly taxes. I have to call all of these companies to fix everything and I am running around like my head is cut off and going crazy. However, I won’t let that ruin my life. I am as happy as I’ve ever been and I hope you guys are making the most out of your lives. I never imagined how much work moving on your own actually is. Just a reminder, my podcast show is every Thursday at 7pm and if you missed the last show you can go to spreaker.com/thecarlosshow and check it out. In the meantime, eat some pizza and chill out! Sorry about my blogs being shorter than they used to! It’ll take some time to get used to my new schedule.