Trigger Of Events

Have you ever looked back on your life and thought about an incident that happened? You wondered where your life would be if a certain event never happened? Whether you decided to go somewhere or not go somewhere. Talk to someone or not talk to someone. What would happen to your life if you had done things differently? It may seem like a small thing, but is it really? When I was a kid I had found my first Wicca book. It made me first start to believe in a power greater than anything I could imagine. What if I had not found that book? I would have never bothered to study other religions. I would have never went on to try and live a peaceful life. I would have stayed in a toxic environment, surrounded by people who I thought were my friends. I would have never cared about Kate Todd or even watched her show. I never would have been inspired by her. I never would have started meditating. I would have never cared to be a better person. That is just one example of how something that seems simple can make a world of difference on who you are today. Let’s talk about other small events that could have changed my life, if I had done things differently.

Here is another example: My first English class in school, my teacher had us do an assignment where we had to write 5 poems in a certain way. It was the first time I’ve done poems. I wrote some short stories for fun but have never done poetry at that point. I ended up putting a lot of work into it and I got a nearly perfect score. 97% I think. It was the first time I ever got a mark that high in school! It was at that point I knew I wanted to be a writer. If I had never went to that school or had that teacher or taken that class, I would have never tried to do this as a living. I would have just kept it as a hobby and who knows where I would have ended up in life. I would never turned it into a blog, a book, a podcast. That was really the event that triggered everything.

If you guys have had an event that triggered everything and made you who you are today, comment below and share your story!

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Nothing Is Everything

I walk down the halls of despair and I see a world that has everything, yet has nothing. I see individual men and women who have nothing, yet have everything. When you close your mind and allow the world around you to control your thoughts than you will see how its lies upon us have poisoned us into believing what THEY want us to believe. We are not that simple. This is a new day when my brothers and sisters will think for themselves and take the nothingness that will become everything. All worlds will become one, yet each mind will be its own. The machine tries to bring us down because they think we are but a small piece of dust in the wind. What will they do when we stand together!? In the face of adversity, we will show the world that the little boys and girls who waited for santa clause have never let go of that innocence. When the sun shines down on all those who defy all, burning their souls, we will embrace that sunshine and we will continue to walk down the halls of despair with a smile on our faces!


The Untold Story Of A Writer

I wanted to share a story about my life that I haven’t told anybody before. I hope that this inspires you to not only chase a dream but be yourself. This doesn’t matter what your dream is, but in my experience it happens to be writing.

It’s no secret that when I was a kid growing up, I always wanted to be a writer and nobody ever believed in me. Friends, family, all I ever heard was how lazy I was and how I would never go anywhere in life. I shared that many times before and I apologize for repeating but I want to REALLY talk about the full story of my life and share my experience with you guys, that I have never told before. I sacrificed many things to perfect my craft. I gave up girlfriends, friends, family. While they were out partying and living in a cycle of a dead end job they hated and drinking so much that they didn’t remember any of it, I stayed in a little corner. Writing, thinking. While they talked to their friends about how much better they were than me cause they were having “fun” I was having my own fun writing about the things I felt, The things I cared about. I knew who my real friends were and a lot of them were just as big of phonies as the people who tried to hire me and buy my work later on.

I also had a passion for acting and took acting classes, and even though I stopped acting, it prepared me for the world of writing. It taught me to embrace the character and embrace the story I told in that piece of writing. Years went by and I started this little blog and all those people came back and said how there was no point of me doing it because nobody would ever read my blogs except a few people I knew in real life. I’ve never been one to give up at anything and I sure as hell was never one to be something I’m not and when some of those people told me I needed to be like this or be like that, it was a spit in my face. I worked harder than ever to do what I knew I was the best at. As arrogant as that might sound, I believe it to be true. I agree I am not the best technical writer, grammar and punctuation is not my strongest area. However, when it comes to creativity NOBODY is better than I am and I will take those words to my grave! I said it since I was a kid and even when those people laughed at me and judged me I knew that one day I’d do this for a living. I went days without food, water, and even sleep trying to become even better than I knew I was.

Eventually I started to get lots of views and likes and comments. I was told how I inspired people and that was the moment where I knew my life would change forever. I started to get musicians, actors, models reading my blogs and that was the moment where all the critics vanished. I don’t hear those negative things anymore from them because they knew I was happy and I made a good living doing something I loved. I got to meet the people I grew up idolizing, I got autographs from them, I even started to get some people meeting me and talking about a blog I wrote.

Along the road, I’ve had offers from people to “buy me” or they wanted to “hire me” and that doesn’t mean in any way that I’m some millionaire and people are lining up. No, but people/businesses who liked my writing wanted me to work for them or write for them and get paid WAY more money than I make right now. If I had said yes to some, or even all, of those people I can guarantee I wouldn’t need to work a regular full time job. I gave them the finger. Why on earth would I do that? Because they wanted to give me a script on what to say for myself. I’m known for saying what’s on my mind and whether people praise me or send me threats (yes, I’ve had both on many occasions) I am not gonna change who I am for anybody. Nobody knows what goes on in my head and if somebody else wrote MY story they’d be wrong every single time. I do what I want and say what I want because that’s what makes me as creative as I am today. I’d much rather be making pennies and eating one meal a day and sleeping one hour a day being happy with my own work than living like a king, being known as a fake for the rest of my life. Maybe not to others but certainly to myself. I wouldn’t even be able to look at myself in the mirror if someone else gave me a “guideline” on how my mind works.

The moral of this story is to fight for what you believe in. No matter how many obstacles and temptations are thrown at you, always remember where you came from. I certainly do and I’m the living definition of success. Not because of how big my audience is or how much money I make. I’m success because I never gave up doing something I loved and it paid off.

Best wishes, from a writer.


Ten rules that are meant to be followed by you
Nine times that he’s gonna judge
Eight paths that will lead me to something new
The seventh day and we longer budge
Six ways that we speak to the devil
Five passions that will lead freedom still

This is the countdown of our lives
From every walk of the earth
There is no right way
There is no one way
There is only the way inside your heart

Four elements that will save me from myself soon
Three phases of the moon
Two eyes that allow you to see the road ahead
One mind that is already fed

Good Friday Insight

Today is not just about religion, it’s about appreciating the things you never knew existed. Within the world around you and inside yourself. The things that aren’t said are just as important as the things that are said. I’ve learned this and used it into my writing. Art only becomes art when the creation comes to life. Without creativity, there is nothing. A rock is just a rock if the person sees it that way. If the persons sees the rock as a creation of life than it becomes a creation of life. The art is what you make it. Anything can be beautiful if you respect it enough and treat it as such. You are never the creator, you are a part of the creation. It’s a team effort and you can’t allow other things to distract you. They are just doing their job and you must respect that and do yours. If one person gets distracted, the art will crumble like dominoes. You have to come at life from different directions. If you choose one way than what will you do if that one way fails? You have to question all ways and understand why things work the way they do. Embrace the character. Embrace the story.

If you fully commit to something there is no way you can fail. The things you do will carry with you forever. Whether you think it’s a failure or success, you will learn and it will become a part of you. Such is the way of the best mind. How many eyes see you, how many ears hear you, is only a number. Inspiration and creativity will find its way into the world, entering a cycle of appreciation by those who respect it. Every person holds onto something they love, why not you? A piece of your uniqueness is what this world needs. I hope you will celebrate this Good Friday by thinking about your creativity for something. Tell a story to your friends about the art you’ve created and share it with the world, like a cherished antique passed down from generation to generation. William Shakespeare once said how all the world’s a stage. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate quote that has transcended time. Everything we do must be done with appreciation for the creation. Just when you think nobody is listening, that’s when the universe gives you a sign that you have been heard. Don’t ignore the small signs or you’ll miss an amazing opportunity.

A creation is like a baby being born into the world. It’s beautiful and destined to do great things if it sees how you do great things. Your actions will be seen by that baby and it will do and think as you do. Respect and appreciate the moment. Your baby/creation will do fine if you appreciate it.

Check Out Stelladeora!

I just discovered this rock band from New Jersey and I’m hooked on their catchy tunes and thought I’d share a video, straight from their youtube channel. If you like Paramore, VersaEmerge, Incubus, Coheed & Cambria than you’ll probably like these guys. I know how hard it is for musicians to get noticed so let’s do these guys a favor and spread their music to others! Watching their videos and even listening to the lyrics, you can tell these guys truly love doing what they do. I respect any band who respects the music, and the fans. I’ll send you a link to their website so you can learn more about them and buy their merch and songs if you like them!

Here is a live performance they posted on their youtube channel. Subscribe to them at stelladeora.

A Cop Allows Bullying?

Okay, so…I just heard this story (I’ll send a link at the end) of a 15 year old kid who was being bullied by a bunch of kids at school for MONTHS. Being harassed for MONTHS and this kid finally decided to grab his IPad and record these bullies harassing him, for evidence. He shows it to the principal and the principal calls the cops on this boy for wiretapping and a cop shows up and handcuffs the victim and charges him for wiretapping. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD!? All these anti-bullying campaigns and people standing up for bullying and this is what we get? The bullies got off by the way. This is exactly why bullies do what they do. Who’s gonna stop them? If cops and principals condone bullying why would anyone want to stand up to bullies now? This is giving the wrong message to people around the world. “Hey kids, this is what happens when you try and stop bullying! YOU GO TO JAIL! Let the bullies do what they want and you better not do a thing about it!” I’m sorry but stories like this make me physically sick.

I love cops. Many cops I know are the nicest people ever. I won’t put a label on all cops because of this one fucking moron who just likes to HANDCUFF INNOCENT KIDS! Even law enforcement pretty much said they were shocked by it. I could write a longer blog but honestly I’m too upset at this situation to keep on rambling. It’s making me sick to my stomach just thinking about it so I’ll send you the link and you can comment here and give me your thoughts.