Someone You Know

Soaking in the flavor of what we had yesterday
Wanna party all night like it is 1993
How can we live if we can’t even learn?
Starting at the finish line cause you’re cheating again
All the songs you sang to me that stuck in my head
All the things that you bought were all for nothing
Why would you do this to someone you know?

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When I was just starting out writing, way back in the day, I wanted to learn everything I could from the best. Journalists, reporters, sportcasters, actors, musicians. I took elements from these different life forms and made it my own. I look back at my old writing and I can see the evolution. I still learn from everyone, because you can never stop learning. I used to write very long scripts but they weren’t the best. Things didn’t make sense. It took me awhile to learn. People often ask me if I have any advice to the youngsters. Work hard, study, have fun, be yourself. It’s short and simple but it’s effective. I’m certainly not the biggest name in the world but I’ve done way more than I thought I ever could. I evolved and adapted. What I also do is bring something to the table that nobody else has seen before. Usually people stay with one niche or two. I do everything. Comedy, inspirational, news reports, poems, promotion to rising stars, story scripts. You name it, I do it.

The most important thing I’ve learned along the way is to never lose sight of yourself. Stay true to who you are and don’t overcome to the hypocrisy and politics. People want certain things, but what I want is the truth. People know I don’t bullshit. Not like most of the mainstream news and media. I don’t spin a story just to make a few more views. I tell the full story and let everyone know what I think. I’m honest and that’s why people respect me. I’ve earned it. I like to inspire people but when I see “religious” people murdering others and blaming it on God, I will be the first to call them out for giving religion a bad name. Just like those charities who beg and plead for money. Shut your ass and let the PEOPLE decide whether they want to give or not.

I have evolved and I want you guys to evolve with me. Into something much greater, but more importantly…staying yourself when the world doesn’t need another liar.

Let The Target Crumble

Ever since Target has opened its stores across Canada, it has failed miserably to make the profits they wanted. In fact, last year they suffered a 1 billion dollar loss. The US says they’re hesitating to open new stores in Canada as a result of this. You have to understand, when the whole Target hack happened in the US, they were new to Canada. It completely tarnished their reputation. Especially to new consumers in Canada who had eyes on this company. Would you want to shop in a store that you found out had hacked all of your personal info? Including credit/debit card info? Probably not. This was personally the reason I decided not to shop there.

Every time I go to a Target nowadays, there is never anybody in there. NEVER! I think the most people I saw in that whole big store was maybe 30 people at most. To their credit, their customer service is great. At least the one by my place. There are always a few employees asking me if I need help with anything. Maybe cause they have no other customers and they’re bored out of their minds but that’s neither here or there. Another downfall is that the prices are just too high. I could buy maybe three few frozen dinners for $20 at Target. If I were to go to a Loblaws I could get fifteen frozen dinners for $20. It’s all a game of monopoly. They know that Canada doesn’t have much bigger competition, but it actually helps smaller companies because people are jumping ship. Even a Walmart will price match.

So, what does this mean for other big US companies who want to come to Canada? To put it simply, do your homework. Don’t assume things. Target made the mistake of assuming they would be huge and they put all their eggs in the Canadian basket. Look how that paid off.

Until next time, stay here on for more news, blogs, and updates.

Crazy Pringle Lady!

I was thinking about what blog to write for today and sometimes blogs just come knocking on my door. I came across this video of a seemingly possessed girl on a train. I always knew the zombie apocalypse was coming but I think this goes beyond her being a zombie. I think she was upset because the guy sitting next to her was eating some pringles. She was really hungry that day. She had a long day of doing some meth and going to the mall when she realized the shoes that were on sale yesterday weren’t on sale anymore. Than as she bought them at full price, she stepped in a big mud puddle. A car than drove by and splashed a water puddle all over her new dress. She bought a ticket for the subway but than lost her ticket and she had to buy another ticket. She was beyond furious but it got worse when she remembered her lunch was at home on the counter. She tried punching an old lady for her sandwich but the elderly lady prevailed!

She than got on the subway, hungry, about to pass out. Just when she smelled pringles! she let her demon out (literally) and grabbed him by the throat and started kicked and scratching and clawing. “GIVE…ME…YOUR….PRINGLES” she said. “Please, anything but my pringles. Take my lucky underwear! I don’t need it!” the man replied. The war raged on between good and evil. Look, the cops have arrived! Justice will overcome! Oh wait a minute, they’re arresting the man for defending himself from a demonic zombie. The people all over town talked and now she is known as the crazy pringle lady. The end. Go to bed now children. Oh yea, here is the video!

Mainstream News and Journalism

I’ve been thinking about this lately. How mainstream news always tells one side of the story for entertainment purposes, instead of getting the facts right. I like to watch this show called “The Young Turks” and these guys get it. This is what journalism should be! They call it right down the middle and they aren’t afraid to call people out for being a bunch of assholes. Can you blame them when they get mad!? Nowadays, more and more people are starting to realize that they don’t have to watch a mainstream news report. Internet news is becoming the new thing. I can’t understand why when we see real people with real stories they’re told that they don’t belong. That is so wrong it hurts your ancestors! I’m one of those people who is nice but I’m not afraid to call bullshit on anyone. I like to tell both sides of the story, not one. I’m not a money/viewer hungry establishment. Which is why I love what The Young Turks do so much! I’ve been friends with REAL journalists, who take their work seriously. I have learned from them what to do and what not to do. While I’m not technically a journalist, I am a blogger and we share similar traits.

When I see a headline like “MAN HARASSES WOMAN IN PUBLIC” meanwhile, he was just asking her the time…it pisses me off. It’s not hard to tell a story right. The reason a lot of mainstream news get it wrong is because it’s about viewers. It’s about money. It’s a game, when it shouldn’t be. Hats off to the real news reporters and journalists who actually deliver the full story and not half of it.

When We Meet Again

(image courtesy of nuttakit /

The tale of our lives will be sung by the angels
Over the rainbow is a pot of gold
Next stop is to change everything to love
Hard times are long gone
Been to hell and now we’re back
After the struggles are over
I’ll see you on the other side of the world

When we meet again
Feels like the first time
Can’t forget the look in your eyes
Lighting up my world
I’d give everything to stay here with you
Remembering what you wore last year in December
Because you’re always on my mind

I kiss the memory of you
We can’t say where things will go from here
So, let’s watch the sunrise until then

Blood Donations At A Low

I read the paper a few days ago and they were asking why nobody is donating anymore. They were begging and pleading for people to donate. Let me get this out of the way, I agree it’s a great thing when people give blood. There are people on their death bed and it makes me sad when they pass away because nobody donated blood to them. I, however, am baffled as to why anyone is confused that a lot of people do not give blood anymore. I’ll tell you why this shouldn’t be confusing to anyone.

First, there are hundreds of charities and organizations knocking on our door asking for money. We can’t give to everybody. Maybe we just choose who we donate to. We have to support ourselves before we can give extra money away. Our families come first, before strangers. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t mind being broke in order to give to a charity than that’s great! I do too once in awhile, but not everyone feels the same. Our kids need food, our rent needs to be paid. That’s just the way life goes.

Second, people hate the idea of needles. Let’s be honest, would you rather sit at home and donate to a charity with the click of a Paypal button or let a stranger stab you with a needle and watch the blood pour out? Yes, it’s for a great cause but it is scary for the majority of people to do that. We also live in a new generation where people would rather stay home on the computer than go out to donate anything.

Begging people to donate won’t change anything. People have to want to do it at their own will. Let them check out your website and see for themselves why donating blood is important, but do not TELL them to donate. It’s the wrong way to go about it.