Sinking In The Quicksand

Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you work, no matter how much you try, you can just never get out of the quicksand? Sometimes it feels like the harder we push the faster we sink. You know what? Maybe that’s the problem. We push ourselves too much. We expect too much of ourselves and in return we lose focus, patience, and peace. We forget that the calmest mind is the most amazing. I’m guilty of this as much as the next person…or at least I used to be. Thats why I want to share my experience with you guys. I want to help get you out of that quicksand. I truly believe that God has a plan for each of us and no matter how bad things seem there is always a way out. Sometimes there is no panic button or eject button. We may want a quick answer but it doesn’t always work like that. I’ve noticed in my life that there is always good in the bad. I’ve taken every bad experience, every thing that has knocked me down, and I used it to find the good and I’ve used it as fuel to get out of the quicksand.

The most important thing is that patience is the key to happiness. There are thousands of hands waiting to help you out. You just have to look past the darkness and you will find the path that leads you to those hands. When you’ve found the strength to carry on than and only than will you be able to pull yourself out of the quicksand. Those hands can help you but at the end of the day you have to be strong for yourself. Others can’t be strong for you, they can only inspire you to be strong.
Don’t rush what you don’t understand and that’s the first mistake people make. There’s nothing wrong with questioning life’s ways but if you expect to snap your fingers and make the world appear before you than you will lose sight of everything. Time is our only enemy, for it is an illusion. The present is right now. Take one step at a time on the path to your freedom. Let the light of heaven shine down and show you the light within your own heart. Gone are the days of yesterday, Tomorrow does not exist. You are here in the present and your mind, body, and soul will save you from the quicksand.

I want you guys to comment about a time when you realized patience has served you well.

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God Bless You

I’ve got a second wind
I’m sorry for my sins
Still gonna love you when you cross the line (yeah!)
I feel it in my bones
A bruised soul from the stones
But I’m still kicking now
You cannot bring me down

Oh please help me
I’m crying out to you
I need your touch

Well God bless you
For all you’ve put me through
I know you didn’t mean a thing
You can’t see through
All the hate that you do
And I’ll forgive you today
I’ll give you another way

Hate when you’re talking back
You made my spirit crack
I’m gonna pray for you
and now I’m bleeding through
We’re fighting all night long
And when we get along
It’s something beautiful
I’m bringing peace to war

Well God bless you
For all you’ve put me through
I know you didn’t mean a thing
You can’t see through
All the hate that you do
And I’ll forgive you today
I’ll give you another way

Curse Of Chucky Movie Review

Don’t worry guys, no spoilers in this review! I FINALLY got to see Curse Of Chucky. It was released straight to dvd in October last year. I wanted to review it because a lot of people don’t actually know it exists. I did but was just unable to find it in any store around here. Let’s get started. You can tell this movie didn’t have a large budget. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I’m just throwing it out there so you guys know what to expect. The entire movie is inside a house. Very few scenes are shown outside (only to show cops for a few seconds, and when we see Chucky’s past). The first half hour of the movie felt a little slow. Subtle hints that the doll would come to life but we already knew he would so I felt going on that long was unnecessary. In this movie Chucky makes his way into the house to a finish a job he started a long time ago (before he became a doll). I love this because towards the end of the movie Chucky tells us why he’s doing what he’s doing and we get to see more of his background that we have not seen before. There is also a few really good surprises at the end of this movie. I won’t spoil it, but I don’t get why Chucky didn’t do what he does in this movie a long time ago! He could have just asked the kids if they wanted to play a game and pretend to be their “friend ’til the end” instead of threatening them to do it and failing everytime!

Overall, this movie was really well done for the seemingly low budget that they had. The ending had a few amazing twists that seem like they’ll lead to another Chucky in the future. You guys really HAVE to see this movie to find out what Chucky does and wonder how they’re gonna pull off the next movie with what he does. The ending was different than any other Chucky movie so it’s not more of the same. Also, they didn’t go heavy on the comedy like they did with bride and seed of Chucky. Although, Chucky himself did still have the chuckles and kept his humor about killing people…but nothing too cheesy anymore. I’m glad because Chucky’s humor is what I loved about him and I agree bride and seed were WAY over the top but I was worried when they said those comedy days are over. I assumed Chucky would be a straight up lunatic but it’s really the same Chucky so I’m happy.

When I Fall For You

You hold me when I’m down on the ground
Giving me a reason to get back up
Telling me it gets better
Your grace let’s me see that there’s a better tomorrow
even when I’m drowning deep in my sorrow
Most of the time I feel worthless
Spending my days watching other people live in peace
While I’m left alone to defend myself in the world
Everything gets dark

You made me fall for you
Now I can’t ever go back to the way things were
All alone
It’s clear to me
That you’re the only one for me
I trust in you the way you trust in me
Even when I sometimes turn my back on you
When you need me the most
And I’m sorry

We all have our flaws
But mine is just as strong as I fear
I work my bone ’til I’m broken
That’s okay cause I know I have you
You will heal me
I’ll come back a better person
You’ll see and I’ll prove myself wrong
I’m not alone
I’m not broken

Living A Lie

There are people all around the world who are living a lie right now. They hide who they are because they feel like they’ll be judged and they surrender to the hate. A stamp is marked on their forehead to remind them of the pain. How can they be themselves when they’ll be put down and scarred for the rest their physical life? I’ll tell you: Freedom. For every person that judges you there are a thousand that won’t. For many years we’ve allowed fear to take over our lives. We are all afraid of something but what makes you complete is overcoming that fear. Once you find who you are and embrace it, you’ll have all the freedom most people only dream of having. People say they are free but if that were true they wouldn’t have anger or hate in their heart. If those people were TRULY free they would not use God’s name in vein. YOU have the power to overcome the fear of others and be truly free

You are the ones who will look at the stars and see something beyond. You will be the ones to turn an obstacle into an ally. Never let a moment in time capture you and leave you a hostage to its ways. If you remain frozen in this lifetime you will stay frozen in the next. One day you’ll see your hard work pay off and in that moment your fears will turn into something beautiful. Sickness and disease will plague us but we can’t stop that from living our lives and being TRUE to ourselves. I know people with cancer and they not only continue to fight but are still strong enough to inspire others. That is truly an amazing thing to see and it gives me hope in my life that no matter how bad things get, as long as I remain who I am and stay proud…nothing can hurt me. Nobody will be able to tear down my house that I’ve built. You gotta be who you are to be happy. You may fool others but you can’t fool yourself and you can’t fool God. All your secrets will weight you down so you have to let all those lies out of your mind and tell yourself that you are good enough being who you are.

I have a saying that goes “don’t change who you are, change who you aren’t” which means don’t live a lie and pretend to be someone you’re not. Every time your heart beats, every time you close your eyes, every time you breathe, every step you take will hurt you. Why? Because your body and mind know that you aren’t free. It will haunt you every second of the day, like a virus. Don’t just embrace who you are, be proud of it! Tell the world THEY can’t hurt you. THEY can’t touch you. Because you’re free. Free of the chains that once held you down! Free of the all the lies you told yourself and others! I want you guys to think about what makes you happy and remember that feeling. Think about how much happier you’ll be if you are finally able to be you. That’s how I feel and I know you guys have it in you to be just as happy as I am. The water will wash your sins away and as far as the east is from the west God will cast them that far away.

Whether you’re being bullied, afraid to come out as gay, stand up for your beliefs and stand up for yourself. Never let a soul tell you who you can and can’t be. Never let a soul knock you down because you will get right back up and stand up for what you believe in. I hope this blog has helped you guys and send me a comment if you’re going through a hard time of being yourself.

God’s Not Dead Movie Review


The two main actors in this movie are Shane Harper, who plays a faithful Christian who has his faith tested and judged, and Kevin Sorbo who plays Dr. Radisson, an atheist and Josh’s (Shane Harper’s) professor. Atheists aren’t jerks but in this movie Josh’s professor is about as douchey as it gets. As soon as the movie opens we see how different people are affected by the religion they believe in. It isn’t always sunshine and rainbows for them as they have to hide what they truly believe in so they aren’t judged by others. The main plot of the movie starts when Josh takes philosophy and his teacher already gets people to fear him off the bat. Two people left the class as soon as he opened his mouth. The first assignment he dished out was for everyone to write three simple words, (but how simple is it really?) God is dead. If they can do that they get a guaranteed 30% mark for the course. However, Josh resists and tells his professor he can’t do it because of his faith. So, he offers Josh an alternate. Prove God exists! He gives Josh 3 classes of 20 minute sessions to stand in front of the class and prove that God exists.

It’s obvious that this was only designed to make Josh look like a fool in front of the entire class. Josh’s first attempt was pretty good. He used quotes from atheists so the professor couldn’t be biased. He talked about past events and it seemed he might have proved that his faith was strong enough to overcome his professors hate. Unfortunately, the professor took one quote from Stephen Hawking and crumbled Josh’s entire 20 minute argument in a few simple words. Josh is at a loss for words and the teacher smiles for winning this round, as the class is empty. Before the professor leaves Josh asks him why he hates God. Dr. Radisson answers with how his mom had cancer and she had faith in God and where did that faith get her!? God killed her, is basically how he feels. The second and third attempts finally prove the professor wrong but of course Dr. Radisson does not admit defeat. The entire class stands up and says God’s Not Dead. Josh again asks why he hates God, this time he says it out loud in front of the class. The hateful professor, with anger in his voice and heart, says again how God took everything away from him incuding his mom. Josh than asks Dr. Raddison how he can hate something that “doesn’t exist”. This finally shuts up the professor.

Throughout this school debate process, the professor’s personal life is crumbling because of his lack of faith. His Christian wife, and former student of his, is tired of him putting her down because of her faith. I believe this is the first spark that made the professor start to think differently about life. He took her for granted and when she finally left he felt incomplete and not as powerful as he once did. He reads a letter from his mother that she wrote before she died, about God always being there. After his wife leaving and reading that letter, this causes him to start his change of heart and he runs to a concert to go find his wife and talk to her. Unfortunately, he gets run over by a car and a reverend shows up and tells him it’s not a coincidence that he didn’t die right away. God is giving him a second chance to let him into his life and let faith save him from himself. The reverend asks Dr. Radisson if he accepts God into his life and he says yes, before dying.

This movie had some sub-plots that felt like they didn’t belong at all. The blonde reverend didn’t seem important at all until the last parts of the movie. There was also an interview with the guy from Duck Dynasty that felt like it was just thrown into the movie to get a popular face on screen. They could have talked about faith in many different ways that could have fit the story better. Some of the sub-plots were good though. The woman who had cancer was a great showing of how life isn’t always good. You can’t sugarcoat it. Bad things happen. It’s not what you believe in that matters, what matters is that you believe! That’s why I respect atheists. I believe in God but I don’t have a problem with people who don’t. God gave us free will and if we judged others by their belief than we’d be no better than the professor in this movie. Overall, I love this movie! It had many great messages and some people may or may not agree with some or all of the points about Christianity/atheism but at least everyone has an opinion and they have something to believe in. Being an atheist does not make you a jerk, being a jerk about your beliefs is what makes you a jerk. Don’t push someone into what YOU believe. Let them choose for themselves