Don’t Shoot The Messenger

Living inside of the world that’s in our head
What will you create when you leave us all for dead?
Living dead girl
When she bites I lose all my self control
Poison in my drink
every single time I blink
Can’t look away but I don’t really wanna stay
Crawling on the walls
The freak show’s about to start
Waiting for the moment when she stabs me in the heart

Please don’t Shoot the messenger
All I ever wanted was you, you
Please don’t kill the messenger
One more day with you is all I ever need now!

Green hair, blue hair, horrorific tattoos
the way she speaks is Bone chilling, taboo
Her glare is paralyzing and she strikes at the first bite
No joking around
she’s the hottest thing in town
I can’t keep you tame
I’m not the one to blame
She sings like the devil
She’s riding solo
I can’t seem to do this on my own

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Next To You

Crazy psychos
Burning papers
Back in the day when I believed every word you said
Pretty little liars are the first to go
Safe here in my dome
Are you ready for the truth to set you free?
The serpents are swimming for you
Thousands of years have gone by and we learn nothing
You see what you want
I’ll take what I can get
They are next to you and it scares you
Enter where you feel welcome
But don’t judge what you don’t understand

One Of These Days

Well I know that I left you lying on the floor
It’s hard for me to explain that I’ll be back again someday
And I hold you deep down inside my heart
You’re locked away in the back of my mind
Creeping in underneath my skin

One of these days I’ll be coming back for you
Don’t wait for me much longer
Even though it feels like I’ve been abandoning you
I promise
Oh, I promise I’ve been watching over you

Friends always come and go
Losing your mind waiting for a sign
I’m trying my best
Running out of time
Screaming so loud
Hoping that you can hear
I want to be your everything
One of these days I’ll be back for you

Not Afraid To Bless You

Every time you suffer I know it will all be worth it in the end
I’m not afraid to say your name in public
Nothing can break us apart
Waiting for the world to rest in your hands
When you do me wrong I’ll stand by your side
As we drown in the flood
I can see through the windows while you’re crying
Open up your hand and let me give you the blessing
Six feet under and I’ll still have time to bless you
Turtles are as slow as our healing
Every little mistake is a blessing in disguise

All The Way

One way superstar
Wanna know who you are
Shout it out
Get it now
Loner girl is on the prowl
Drama queen
So obscene
Always see her in my dreams
Wanna be the chosen one
Step right up into the fun

All the way down
I’m freaking out cause I hate you now
Enjoy the scene
Not as far as you could be
We’re blazing out
We’re gonna break everything because we can

Lost And Found

There are many moments in my life that weren’t always easy. Between my friends leaving me and not knowing where I was going in life. I lost my head and started to isolate myself from the world around me. I went on a long journey to find my head and put myself together again.

There comes a time in everyones lives where they have to really think about what is most important to them and they have to do everything they can to reach for that goal. That’s how I found my head. I have given everything to the world and it has given back to me in return. I can’t complain about how things have turned out. There’s one thing that has connected me to the universe. The Carlos Show. It has allowed to me find my head again and remember who I wanted to be. I had a choice of giving up and letting everyone tell me how they were right about me. I chose to not let them have that satisfaction and I became something even more than I hoped.

Thank you all for the memories and always remember where you came from.

Bigger Than Me

Not even a year ago, I had a vision of starting up my own shop where I can write blogs for other people. I knew I’d make a few bucks but I had no idea how big it would become. Thanks to all of you who have been buying my services I will be able to start travelling a bit more than usual and meet some of you guys! Even though I will be travelling, it will all be for my website. Last year The Carlos Show went on tour but I decided to make it private. A lot of people were angry so I will make it public whenever I do have a chance to go on tour!

Comment on this blog or email me at betterthanyouforever@hotmail com if you want me to visit your city and maybe we can hang out if I decide to tour there. Right now I’m thinking of starting in Toronto, Ontario to go see Icon For Hire in October. I want to hang out with Ariel! You guys know how much I adore. She is one of the people who has inspired me to think about life differently. I might change my mind though and go somewhere else! Let me know if you want me to visit you in your city!