More Than Just A Room

I honestly didn’t think packing everything to move out was gonna be weird. I was excited to move on to better things and start a new life. However, I am now looking at an empty room and I’m really sad. I worked in this room for 7 years. I started out as a young kid who was just starting his first job, dreaming about many things I wanted to do. I turned into an adult and this room was where I did my first ever web show and wrote most of my blogs and worked on my shop. This is the room I did my podcast show. This is where I did…everything. It just all hit me like a ton of bricks that after 7 years I’m never going to see this room again. You know that feeling you get when you grow up in a house and than years after you’ve moved out you happen to walk by it and it brings back all those memories? I feel like this is similar to that moment.

I’m sure I’ll be even happier in my new place with my new studio, but I’m sure going to miss this place. I still remember my old house cause I lived there for like 10 years. I remember every detail of that house and all the stories from the things me and my friends did. I remember my awesome cat, Skunky. I always remember places that mean something to me and I try not to forget those memories. This will be just like that. Sure, I might have the time of my life and move on with my life but in the back of my mind I’ll always remember this room and this house. Here is to new memories…and old ones.

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The War Against Advertising

I just sent a long message to WordPress about an ad on my site that I do not approve of. First of all, I’d like to point out that I do not blame this on WordPress. These ads slip through the cracks and I’m sure there’s a complicated process. However, I do blame I do not know much about these people and I don’t wanna say anything bad about them for one article.

I saw an ad on my site for different types of animals that NEED to be hunted. Technically, this is murder. Is it not? As an animal lover and as someone who is friends with vegans and has a tremendous amount of respect for them…I reported this ad immediately. I do not approve of murdering animals. My blog is inspirational, I have more respect for my content and for my fans. I don’t give a rats ass if this puts a dent in my paycheque. I am not and never have been a sellout. If I saw an ad that was racist or against a religion…I would not look the other way just because it’s more money in my pocket if I keep my mouth shut. I have been an animal lover my whole life and this goes against everything I stand for.

People may think “it’s just hunting. Some animals need to be hunted” but I don’t see it that way. If you have your own opinion that’s fine but when a company chooses to place an ad like that on MY site than I draw the line. Go on a hunting website! Please, do not come on here where I’ve written countless blogs about loving animals. I hope something like this never happens again. I hope my vegan friends will agree with me on this blog. They try their best to stop animal cruelty and so do I. If I allow this ad to be shown than I am nothing more than a hypocrite. I may not be a vegan, but I would NEVER EVER tell people to go out and murder an animal.

Open The Door

Danilo Rizzuti
(image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti /

Fooling around
Because I don’t care
I’m wasting my time when the only thing you give me is the worst day of my life
A little further until I see you from the other side
Dream breaker with no clever thought
Stepping away from the edge of the cliff
Before I die
Before I fall
Before I break my neck and regret ever being with someone like you

When I open the door
I won’t care anymore
Everything will finally make sense to me
I’ll be gone away from this life
Away from this cold reality

Kaley Cuoco: From Girl To Woman

A lot of times I like to go back and look at actors from when they were younger and compare them to their newer stuff. How much have they changed? Did they get better or worse? Well, Kaley Cuoco is someone that I just put under a microscope and it was actually by accident. I went back and watched a show called “8 Simple Rules” which starred the AMAZINGLY talented John Ritter. I remembered watching it as a kid and I wanted to get into it again because I never really got the chance to know who John Ritter was. I saw a few of his movies but I was too young to really understand how great he was. So, I decided to watch 8 Simple Rules and I noticed that one of the actors who played his daughter was Kaley Cuoco. My first thought was “OH MY GOD, IT’S PENNY!”. Yes, I am a big fan of The Big Bang Theory. However, Penny (Or Kaley Cuoco) is not my favorite character on the show. For a long time, when the show started, I felt like she was just there for the sake of having a girl on the show. She just didn’t do much for me. While her character has certainly developed on the show…I just feel like there is a lack of interest with her character.

When I watched 8 Simple Rules, Kaley played Bridgit who became my favorite character. I realized how great of an actress she actually is! Something I have never seen from her as the Penny character and even though these are two different characters with two different scripts, there is always an element of her actual personality that you can’t erase. You would have to go back and watch 8 Simple Rules to understand what I mean but everything from her facial expression to her movements. Very subtle details made her character amazing. It also showed how great of an actress she is. I never got this feeling from Penny. I am not saying this makes her a worse actress, I actually think the reason might be because she’s matured since those days. She’s been in the business long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. I am super proud she has so much popularity. She deserves it, in my opinion.

It’s been a fun experience looking at her as a teenager and now as a successful woman, who just got married. Congratulations to her! I hope she continues to have an amazing life.

You’re Not Funny

You know what I really hate? Those people who flat out insult you and than say “it was just a joke”. Obviously, they never went to comedy school. I feel like slapping them and than saying “it was just a joke”. None of my jokes have ever included something that make a person feel worse. That’s not a joke, it’s an insult. Covering it up as a joke just makes you seem like a clueless moron. I went to acting/comedy school, I took class after class. None of those classes taught me how to be a racist or make a person cry. If a person leaves the room feeling worse about themselves you’ve done something terribly wrong. There is nothing I hate more than adults who have never stopped acting like ten year olds.

It’s bad enough the media gives us this false idea of how to act in public. Get drunk, start a fight, get arrested. Oh yea, that’s the cool thing to do. These are people just trying to get publicity and make a profit, by any means necessary. That’s not my style. Sometimes it’s the teachers fault, not always the student. I had amazing teachers who kept me grounded. Monkey see, monkey do. People who watch this crap on the news are gonna get the idea that being an idiot will not give you consequences and it’s “the cool thing to do”. I can guarantee if I went outside and did half the stuff most of these celebrities pull, I’d be in jail faster than I could cry mommy.

My point in this little rant is for people to learn what being funny really means. It’s not hard, if you’re a decent human being. Have some morals.

Rebel Chaos Studio

As you all know by now, I am moving into my own place on August 1st. What this means is I can finally set up a little studio for myself. I asked my people to send me some ideas for names that the studio will be called. The name given to me by Alice Parker was Rebel Chaos Studio and I like it so it’s official! Keep in mind, it’s not going to be a million dollar lounge with microphones and shit. It’s just a corner in my apartment that I can call my own. A man cave of sorts. What makes it unique though is that I want to slowly decorate it with things that mean something to me.

I’m hoping to get a computer desk with some small things to put on it. Some memorabilia, a place for drinks, and snacks. Along the way I want to put up a wall of shit or maybe some art work. It will be pretty sweet. It might take a month or 2 or maybe even more to completely finish it the way I want but it will be sweet. I will try and send some pictures every step of the way. All of my writing and podcast shows will forever be done in Rebel Chaos Studio. Cheers to new beginnings!

The Damage Done

Castillo Dominici
(image courtesy of Castillo Dominici /

Confused with each passing minute of the clock
The tables turn and the damage is done
Rubbing off the things wrong with me
instead of figuring out everything wrong with you
Losing sleep over this
Hell can’t be much worse than this
Wake up everyday without a purpose
Is this all life is?

I wish I could go somewhere when the walls crash down on me
Me, myself, and I
Carrying on with the damage already done
Dark skies are the story of my life
Acid rain has comforted me more than you
I’m sorry you’re so heartless